Why is it Essential to go Green?

Going green has become the new trend in the globe from politics, news social platforms and even technology. One can hardly escape it on the internet with the emergence of eco-friendly entertainment twenty four hours a day. While there are lots of ways to go green such as using recycled building materials Sydney, making use of e-waste among others, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the whole campaign without really understanding the reasons for going green. Globalization has made the world become smaller hence it is easy to see how people’s lives, ecosystems and plants have become closely related to one another, hence greenhouse emissions from a factory in a certain country can negatively affect a diminishing rainforest in another country while pesticides used in Peru can affect the health of people living in the United States. It therefore means that every single action has a negative or positive impact on the planet.

Embracing a greener lifestyle, not only means looking for ways to preserve rain forests, but also enhancing an individual’s health, minimizing expenditure while improving the overall quality of life. One of the major ways of going green is eating local, organic foods rather than canned foods. Such foods help an individual enjoy tastier and healthier foods, hence ultimately improving his personal health. Purchasing local foods also mean one is supporting the local economy while minimizing greenhouse emissions needed to produce the food from the factory where it is canned. Having a green kitchen at home goes a long way in helping people eat organic foods as packaging costs are greatly reduced as well as the energy required to process the foods. Learn more about organic products and how it can help improve your health and enviroment. 

Most women can’t do without make up, hence their skin ends up taking lots of chemicals. An average woman is likely to absorb four pounds of cosmetics in her lifetime. The skin being the largest body organ absorbs the chemicals contained in the cosmetics making them prone to certain health problems such as cancer. Making use of cosmetics that are plant based instead of those with chemicals helps prevent the skin from absorbing the harmful petrochemicals. Producing stuff such as clothing, furniture, beer cans or bathroom tiles has an impact on the overall environment, hence choosing greener materials such as recycled products, organic cotton and harvested wood for an eco-friendly bathroom helps mitigate the use of manufactured materials. The choices an individual makes help protect the habitat, forests and enhance sustainable use of land while alleviating waste piling up in landfills.

The lives of many individuals can’t do without electricity as it generates the power required to light bulbs, computers, televisions and hot water systems. While it plays an important role in most lives it has to be produced from a coal burning power plant which causes air pollution. Using eco-friendly ways to generate power such as wind or solar power can help minimize demand for energy from plants that cause pollution. Individuals can also make use of renewable energy credits known as green tags that generate cleaner power. Such are some of the reasons why people should go green.

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