Using a Grinder in Stump Removal

Stumps are a nuisance to the garden’s aesthetic beauty and hence the necessity to remove them. The tree removal is less involving and one can do it personally. After the work is done, another task stands staring, the removal of stumps. Much of the tree cutters do not always combine the cost of tree cutting and removal of stumps due to the difficulties involved. This is especially more involving if the trunks were very large. Under this circumstance, hiring someone to do the task can be an easier way of doing away with the stumps. The specialists have tools and equipment necessary in performing the task. On the other hand, it can be done personally when considering using the right tools and techniques. Different techniques can be used. There is use of hands or use of machinery, probably a grinder.
It should be noted that before tree cutting, tree lopping Melbourne is necessary so as to reduce the amount of damages that can be caused when the tree falls freely after cutting. Several branches and the upper parts of a tree are cut first using a chainsaw. Removing stumps by hand can be tedious and time consuming. If there is enough energy, then using the right tools it is possible to do the work manually. However, considering use of machinery is much easier and less time consuming. A grinder weighs around a thousand pounds and can be hired for a day to do the task. It is therefore a financial sense to hire a grinder and remove the stumps personally when removing many stumps. Other tools and equipment that are necessary when using a grinder include a shovel, chainsaw, rake and a mattock.
It is important to note that the grinder is a dangerous equipment hence safety gear is important when working with it. A pair of goggles and gloves are important as the wood chips will run all over. If one is a novice in use of a grinder, it is important to ask for some guidance at the rental place. First, clearing of the rocks around the stump using a shovel and a mattock is done. Digging around the stump to unleash the stump from the ground is important as it creates more space for the chainsaw to operate on. The chainsaw is then used to cut much of the stump away. The stump is cut until it is to the ground level as much as possible. Then using the hydraulic lever, the grinder wheel is raised above the stump a few inches.
Once the grinder is switched on, it is then lowered into the stump about 3 inches. The grinder is then moved side to side using the lever as it grinds through the stump. After the stump is grinded to about 4 inches down with the grinder wheel, it is then moved forward. This process is then repeated until the stump is about 4 inches below the ground level. If stump removal involves one or two stumps, it is advisable to have a professional company do the task as the costs will be considerably lower. Some of the companies haul the stamps as well.

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