5 Things to Consider Before Cutting Down Trees


Even though we are all told repeatedly to avoid cutting down trees, there are certain instances when it becomes unavoidable. These are the instances when the destruction of trees is advantageous to mankind. However, there are many important facts that you should think about before making the decision to a cut a tree.

Consider if it is extremely necessary

The fact that trees are life is something that we cannot deny. Having more trees around our homes make the air more pure, the atmosphere cooler and everything prettier. Cutting down trees will not just affect these things, but will also cripple the lives of certain animals and birds who take shelter under their branches. Therefore, make sure that it is absolutely necessary to get rid of it before starting any work.

Find out about any legal limitations you may be faced with

Not all tree removals in Canterbury are similar to one another. Some trees are protected by certain authorities due to their economical, ecological or historical significance. There are certain protocols to follow before cutting down trees like this. You will have to complete some paper work and meet relevant authorities to get permission to take it down.

Know the right way to cut it

Large tree removals can be very tricky because their roots spread across an extensive area of land. Uprooting them might cause harm to the structure of the soil as well as to other small plants around it. Therefore, you should contact a professional and get advice on how to remove such trees without compromising anything around it.

Be aware of how much you need to pay

Since this is something that you cannot do by yourself, you are definitely going to need some professional assistance. However, not all professionals are equally reliable and trustworthy. Due to the lack of knowledge you have on the subject, they may try to trick you into paying absurd amounts for the job. Therefore, contact a few companies that offer this service and become aware of the general amounts that would be usually charged for a job of that specific magnitude.

Select the right day and time to do it

This is again a piece of information that a professional tree cutting company would give you. Certain weather conditions such as rain and harsh winds will make it difficult to cut trees. If you start the process early morning without the knowledge that it would rain towards the afternoon, you will have to stop work and start it all over again the next day. This will increase your overall expenses and be very time consuming.

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