Valuing and Appreciating Trees

Trees are essential for life. Providing humans with oxygen and food, trees are the majestic angels of nature that improve our lives and evolve with us to provide medicine, tools and shelter. Almost like an investment, the value of trees increases and they continue to provide us with various benefits outside of simply being beautiful to look at.

Many companies provide tree services to ensure the longevity of these majestic creations and to maintain the ones we keep in our environments.

However, tree services don’t necessarily protect the trees in nature and can’t ensure that trees are planted in places where they are cut off. It is our own responsibility to realise the value of trees and to ensure that there are enough trees in the world to keep the earth (and humans) healthy and happy.

When walking around a tow or city, the streets are often lined with trees. The parks are filled with them, as are our playgrounds and our backyards. While creating a peaceful and scenically beautiful environment, trees also improve quality of life by adding natural elements and organisms to the increasingly urban landscapes we find ourselves in. Some trees even serve as historic landmarks due to their size, rarity or stories that they were part of. In terms of the “green revolution” trees also reduce the urban heat island effect by directing sunlight away from concrete-ridden urban areas.

Many of our prized and beloved animals rely on trees for nourishment, including elephants, panda bears and giraffes among many others. This nourishment also leads to seed spreading which, in turn, greatly affects various other aspects of our ecosystem. In the entire ecosystem cycle, trees prove a central element for survival. It is ironic then, that many people fail to realise the value and significance of these plants.

Perhaps if the monetary benefits of trees were highlighted? In line with this, trees can significantly increase the value of a property. Homes with proper landscaping can sell for up to 20% more than homes without it.

Trees influence the environment in which we live in a positive way by improving air quality, climate and supporting wildlife that life of the nourishment and shelter trees provide.

Some significant benefits that trees provide include:

• Reducing the effects of climate change
• Cleaning the air
• Creating economic opportunity (fruit farming, seeds, nuts etc are all reliant on trees)
• Moderates temperatures
• Indicate the seasons
• Prevent water pollution
• Prevent soil erosion
• Provide shelter
• Healing properties
• Provide food
• Beautify the environment
• Mark landscapes
• Serve as monuments